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Welcome to my art studio!

Hi there! Welcome to my art studio and creative space where I would like to share my latest creative artistic journey with you. I will be sharing the happy accidents and successes along the way here with you.

Keeping it short and sweet, I have always been a creative soul. My first time around in college was a Fine Art Major but life happened and I wound up becoming a RN instead. 27 years later, as my children and step children were growing up, I was heavily immersed in the paper crafting industry working as a product designer and creative team member for several major companies and retail stores in the business for more than 10 years. I’ve been published in leading paper crafting magazines many times in the United States as well as Europe. My art journey has since led me down the path of mostly oil, acrylic, goauche and watercolor painting while still creating home spun greeting cards mostly for friends and family.

Today I am launching my website: Mona Pendleton Art Designs (link here) where I will be selling some of my artwork. I’d love for you to take a peek and tell me what you think! Also, please feel free to visit me on Instagram (link here) as well.

I paint quite regularly and would love to share my steps, as well as missteps with you.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you join along with me!

Be Sweet,


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What a beautiful place to work! I don't think I would ever leave it! I absolutely love your paintings and am having a difficult time choosing one to purchase--hopefully soon!


Congrats with your new website ! It looks amazing . Wishing you will have many fantastic hours in your studio creating your lovely art .

Hugs from Monica..😉😍🇩🇰. Spain


Hurrah! Wishing you much joy & success in this artistic journey you're sharing with us! Beautiful website!

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